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The Power Generation industry contains some of the most sophisticated, hard-working equipment in the business.  Equipment reliability and uptime is critical.  But so is the need to increase output and reduce maintenance costs.  A comprehensive lubrication program, which includes the highest quality products combined with condition monitoring services, is essential to meet this challenge.

From coal-fired to nuclear, combined-cycle to landfill gas, industrial lubricants from Silvas Oil are designed for uninterrupted operation and long service life. Lubricant products are engineered to perform in the most demanding environments, including high temperature, heavy load, and water contamination.  And while turbines are the heart of the power generation system, our lubrication programs ensure the proper operation of the associated auxiliary equipment such as pumps, gear boxes, generators, and compressors.

Our products are supported by global builder approvals and proven field performance.  These products are serviced by a trained staff of sales representatives and field engineers.  From bearings to gears, circulating systems to grease fittings, we understand your equipment and what it takes to keep it operating.

Partnering with Silvas Oil means you’ll always have the support you need:

  • Silvas Oil Sales Representatives and Technical Support Staff – On-site guidance for product application, technical support, equipment troubleshooting, system inspections, and proactive monitoring to ensure you maximize the benefits from our products and services.
  • Technical Support – Engineers available by phone or online to provide assistance and advice for your facility.
  • Field Engineering Services – Professional advice on sound lubrication practices and optimizing lubricant performances.
  • Oil Analysis programs – Monitor lubricant and equipment condition to increase equipment life and reduce maintenance costs.

Our Mission

 Bringing true value to our customers through implementation of cost effective and comprehensive lubricant and fuel programs